Wine Pairing 101

jessica / June 1, 2012, 9pm

Come Join Us on June 8, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Wine is cheese’s classic beverage pairing.  Discover a fine selection of our cheeses through an exploration of wine.  You will sip on whites, reds, rosés, champagne-styles, and dessert wines while learning about the basics of these productions, origins, and their best suited cheesey counterparts. Taught by one of our very own rockstar cheese mongers, Steph.

Price: $75

 Venue: The Homestead @ Bedford Cheese Shop IRVING

67 Irving Place NY NY 10003

Who is Stephanie Bealert?

Stephanie Bealert has worked with food since the age of 12 when she was adopted by her grandparents. She was raised by nurserymen, florists, and organic farmers who nurtured her passion for producing food and feeding people with love.
Gardening  throughout her lifetime, she has worked as a baker, a cook and since 2004 with her two true loves, cheese and wine. The greatest reward in her day is looking at wheels of cheese and tasting bottles of wine.  Both of these food mediums are alive, fermenting, and evolving into complex flavor and texture profiles.  She describes cheese and wine as:   “…beasts with their very own personality and direction. [A bottle of wine is like] a beautiful woman, of her own charge.”

Steph’s Wine and Cheese Philosophy

When Steph first became involved in the cheese and wine industry, she called herself: “a big dummy.”

“I liked cheap wine that was over handled ( not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that.) I was a hopeless rube. But, quel suprise! I had a pretty ok palate. I had my first true revelation when I went to a Berkely Wine Imports tasting. I had sampled Burgundies in the past, but not like these. I had my first taste of Vosgne Romanie. I keeled over in delight. Bacon! Cabbage! Cranberry juice!  I was a different woman. My heart only beat for natural wines. I craved the funk, the crisp, bracing acidity, the deep B side cuts of wine. I’ve never gone back. The unhinged personalities of these bottles of liquid ruby and amber, they took me in, like a cult leader to a broken down hillbilly soul.”

A Wine Tasting to Remember

Come delve into the nuanced world of wine and its components.  Steph has come a long way:  she has been able to combine her knowledge of wine and her down to earth passion for the industry into an engaging class format.  She rotates her selection of wines for each class, giving the student an opportunity to come away with a unique and well rounded perspective on what the world of wine has to offer.  She will chose artisan cheeses that enhance the body and character of each wine featured.

Come party it up for the eve!

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