Cheesepinions, Round #9

ChrisatBedfordCheese / July 2, 2010, 4pm

Hi.  It’s me.  Your flaky blog buddy who decided to take a summer vacation.  Remember me?  Of course you do.

Well guess what.  I snuck inside from my serious summer of sunbathing and white wine spritzers to write something on the blog.  Because the internet doesn’t take vacations.  No sir.

So I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with everyone’s favorite: CHEESEPINIONS!  Huzzahhhhhhh.  And we are back with everyone’s most bespectacled cheesemonger, STEPHANIE!  And the crowd goes wild…

So this week, Stephanie is all tingly over Appalachian from Meadow Creek Dairy in south eastern Virginia.

Meadow Creeks Appalachian

Meadow Creek's Appalachian

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Hop On Pop

ChrisatBedfordCheese / June 18, 2010, 1pm

Ok. The blog has been super lame recently. Like. There is absolutely no information on this stupid website anymore. I got super disheartened by Google Analytics which says that visits to the blog are 88% DOWN from this time last month. I mean. Seriously. Dropping the ball left and right. So I’m sorry! I promise I’ll get back into it. But you guys know how it goes – summer time rolls around. You don’t want to do much but figure out how to do your job outside (cheesy bake sale on Bedford Avenue anyone?)…

Anyways. We do have something exciting to announce though. DAH DAH DAH DAH DAAAAHHHH DADA DAH DAHHHH DAHHHHHHH. (That was Vanna White music…)

What a good dad!

What a good dad!

Father’s day is coming up!  Woaaahhhh totally radtastic.

So here at the Bedford Cheese Shop, we had a think tank, got together and figured that we should do what we do best: make some sort of gift basket in honor of DADS.  How fun!

This basket has everything in it.  Seriously everything.

1 Biellese Cacciatorini (sausage! yeah!)

1 bag of Liddabit Caramel Corn

1 tin of luscious sardines

1 package Petite Toasts

1 Michel Cluizel chocolate bar

1 Cadbury’s Milk Bar

1 Jar of awesome Colman’s English Mustard

1 small format goat’s milk cheese (go goats!)

1/3 lb. of Lincolnshire Poacher

1/3 lb. of Scharfe Maxx

All this for $55.  Sick.  And we can arrange shipping.  So get over here and get some last minute treats for good ol’ Dad.  You lazy Williamsburg tools…too busy drinking PBR and squeezing into leggings instead of pants…..thinking about ironic tattoos of Smurfs dressed up like Depeche Mode or whatever.  BUY YOUR DAD A GIFT BASKET.  He’ll be ever so happy and might pay your credit card bill….hooray!

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To all of our cheese friends.

ChrisatBedfordCheese / June 13, 2010, 3pm

Stephanie wants to gift all of our cheese friends with this video today. (Which she doesn’t know how to post herself).

Also, she says “You’re welcome.”

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Cheese Media

ChrisatBedfordCheese / June 8, 2010, 7pm

So I have a series of cheese videos and things to show all of you.  They should entertain.  The first is courtesy of Mike – our resident musician – who claims that this is a “statement about Dutch cultural stereotypes.”  OH ART.  So……dumb sometimes.

The second is about the king of cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano.  Yeah, France.  I said it.  Italian cheese rules.  So deal.

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Look at our pants…

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 29, 2010, 1pm

…because they got all fancy on us.

Look at this private party we catered in Soho! We can do this for you too. Just ask nicely and we deliver.

Bedford Cheese Shop: Professional Party Cheese Animals.

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The Secret Language of Cheesemongers

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 27, 2010, 12am
I will miss you.
I will miss you.

So a couple nights ago was the SERIES finale of Lost.  It will be no more.  Ever.  Never?What makes it more awkward is that now we aren’t going to have anything to talk about at the Shop since this one show has taken up a good chunk of our daily conversation.   But, because my mind is no longer occupied with the perils of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, I can calmly return to the world of blogging. (God, all of this sounds so terribly dorky.  ABC mini-dramas? Blogs? I promise we aren’t that nerdy.  Well….maybe.  Yeahhhhh….)

This week I thought I would add to the cheese-ipedia with some cheesemonger lingo that we throw around a lot.  Affineur, rennet, thermalized (although if you are a loyal blog fan you SHOULD know what that means), coagulate, hung over. So on and so forth. Sometimes people understand what we are talking about.  And sometimes, people have no clue what the words coming out our mouths mean.  But that’s another story.

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Cheesepinions, Round #8

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 12, 2010, 5pm


Here marks the beginning of the end…

…of Spring time goats milk cheeses.  (GOTCHA!  I bet you thought I was going to say something about the end of the blog.  Ha!  Never.  This blog will NEVER DIE.  Just like Elizabeth Taylor.  Or Terminator…)

Anyways – I again apologize for the lag in blogging!  I am a busy little cheesy bee, running around and trying to get things done.  But, I am back for another round of everyone’s most favorite installment: CHEESEPINIONS. (And the crowd goes WILD.)

So this week Dani has got some things to say.  Even though he is in Europe right now, raging with the best of them in Barcelona and Holland, he shall be heard across the pond – right here in Brooklyn.

Keep on readin’…

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Mama’s Day

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 5, 2010, 3pm

Hello children of the world.

We have another announcement for you blog followers.  Here at the Bedford Cheese Shop we present you with a seasonal treat – a pre-made Mother’s Day Gift Box!

Whatwhat whaaaaaaat?

So awesome!  If you need to grab something quick and want to have a special day picnic with your mom (or moms. It is the 21st century after all…) we have just the solution for you.

In this stylish wooden cheese box, you receive:

- 1/4 wheel of Brillat Savarin

- 1/3 lb of Comte

- 1/3 lb of Midnight Moon

- a Michel Cluizel chocolate bar

- a package of Petit Toasts

- a 3 pack of NUTELLA TO GO!!!!

- and a fantastic Goat Soap!


All this for $50 and the undying love of your mother.  For at least one day.  You are totally a shoe-in for the will.

See you guys at the shop!

She was such a sassy mom.

She was such a sassy mom.

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Thermalized Milk: Are you all that AND a bag of chips?

ChrisatBedfordCheese / April 28, 2010, 12pm

Hey everybody!  I know it’s been a while since the Bedford Cheese Shop blog has been up and running.  Two whole weeks.  But don’t worry!  All of you fans out there who have turned into shriveled little prune like turds due to a lack of cheese information, Cheesepinions, and snark are now gong to be relieved.

This week, as promised, I thought I’d write something about a cheese term that I just noticed popping up all over the place - Thermalized Milk.

I have a feeling that this process has been around for a while, but I’m just noticing it as our store tries to sneak younger cheeses into the shop.  But what exactly is this process?  Is it actually cool?  Or is it yet another stupid restriction that the FDA imposes on cheese importation that prevents us from getting delicious dairy goodies into the country?  I set about one afternoon to do some research and figure out if thermalized milk is too kewl for school or is a total beta (fish).

Keep on readin’…

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Un pique-nique avec un pamplemousse ferait les fleurs chanter aujourd’hui.

ChrisatBedfordCheese / April 17, 2010, 2pm
Et voila. Le pamplemousse. This must be what heaven is like. Fat, hungry, and wearing great hats.

Et voila. Le pamplemousse. This must be what heaven is like. Fat, hungry, and wearing great hats.

Hey guys!

I’m writing a quick entry to give all of our loyal blog followers a SPECIAL DEAL on a BCS Spring Treat we have prepared for you.

Right now we have a decadent Spring Picnic Basket on sale.  It’s awesome.  In this pre-made basket, you get:

- Fra’Mani Pate Campagnola (Between a country style and a mousse, this stuff is so good.  Garlicky, peppery, and       porky.)

- A Lazy Lady Buckhill Sunrise (A gooey all-natural cow’s milk from Vermont.)

- Slice of Lincolnshire Poacher (An English cheddar with no bandages. So nekkid!)

- Petit Toasts (Crunch.)

- A Michel Cluizel chocolate bar (Rich. Decadent. Aphrodisiac?)

- A jar of cornichons (So little and pickled.)

All this for $33!

Oh wait. No it isn’t.  HEAR THIS!  If you come in and mention the blog you get this picnic basket for only


Yeah.  That’s right.  Only $30.  Look at that!  Because you guys love the blog we give you a discount.  So….come in, mention the blog, tell us how funny you think we are, and you get a discount.  Isn’t that awesome!  The internet is so cool some times.  Ok, so we better see you soon.  Byeeeeeee.

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