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Cheese of Spain with Wil Edwards
June 16, 2012 7:00 pm
June 16, 2012 8:00 pm
Bedford Cheese Shop
May 17, 2012
The Homestead
67 Irving Pl, New York, NY, 10003, United States

A Spanish saying: “Leche de cabra es para beber, leche de vaca es para la mantequilla y la leche de oveja es para el queso.”

The English translation: Goat milk is for drinking, Cow milk is for butter and Sheep milk is for cheese.

This concept will be explored through edibles during our program. As with every region of Spain, each of these milks has a defined characteristic and profile. Spanish cheese makers capture the finest qualities of their milks by incorporating centuries of knowledge in every cheese.

Photo by Wil Edwards

Wil Edwards has worked at Harley Farms, Culture Magazine, Guffanti Formaggi,  Mystery Bay Farm,  Kate Hill’s Kitchen-in-Camont,  Cheese School of San Francisco,  and Andante Dairy.  He donates a percentage of his proceeds to organizations that feed people, “Putting money where the mouths are”.

Tasting Menu


Bauma Garrotxa: Raw goat milk, Natural Rind, Animal Rennet, Catalonia

Arzua Ulloa: Pasteurized cow milk, Natural Rind, Animal Rennet, Galicia

Bauma Madura: Pasteurized goat milk, Soft-ripened rind, Animal Rennet, Catalonia

Pico Melero: Raw sheep milk, Natural, oil rubbed rind, Animal Rennet, Castilla, Spain

Torta de Cabra Don Mariano: Raw goat milk, Washed Rind, Extremadura, Spain

Perazola Blue: Pasteurized sheep milk, Animal Rennet, Asturias, Spain


Albarino: Galicia

Pinot Noir Cava: Catalonia


Marcona Almonds, Membrillo Paste

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