Cheesepinions, Round #9

ChrisatBedfordCheese / July 2, 2010, 4pm

Hi.  It’s me.  Your flaky blog buddy who decided to take a summer vacation.  Remember me?  Of course you do.

Well guess what.  I snuck inside from my serious summer of sunbathing and white wine spritzers to write something on the blog.  Because the internet doesn’t take vacations.  No sir.

So I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with everyone’s favorite: CHEESEPINIONS!  Huzzahhhhhhh.  And we are back with everyone’s most bespectacled cheesemonger, STEPHANIE!  And the crowd goes wild…

So this week, Stephanie is all tingly over Appalachian from Meadow Creek Dairy in south eastern Virginia.

Meadow Creeks Appalachian

Meadow Creek's Appalachian

We haven’t had any of the Meadow Creek cheeses for MONTHS now.  Literally forever.  I mean, get it together Virginia.

At BCS we have been waiting so patiently for ANYTHING from the Feete Family’s farm and finally, Virginia Cheese Season is upon us.  (So put down your PBR and time to waddle over to the shop for some real AMURRRRICAN flavor).

Stephanie says that the Appalachian right now has a “lovely, satiny smooth rind, dotted with yellow flowers.”  And that delicious interior pate?  Totally “laden with tang and minerality – not too hot to eat in the summer!”  And let me tell you – it’s been so hot that I’ve been schvitzing cheese curds for about a week.  Oy….

Anywho.  What to have with this wonderful summer time cheese?  “I would have it with a tall, ic e cold bottle of Lone Star and a jar of home made bourbon soaked cherries – cause that’s Southern y’all!  XO!”

Lone Star, everyones favorite Texan beer!

Lone Star, everyone's favorite Texan beer!

Southern cheese party!  Whoooo!  Now if only we could get our hands on some of the cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy we’d be set for a regular hoe down!  Cheese down?  Cheesy-hoe down.  Hose down.  I would have these two DJ, because I would be so PUMPED for what would happen.

Look at the slit in that dress! What! And that wig! Totally fly. Like. The coolest thing everrrrrrrrrrr. God. She’s so great! I can’t get over it.  Anyways.  Back to cheese.  Well, nevermind.  I don’t really have anything else to say about Appalachian except is tastes like sweet, clover butter.  From the South.  Which means it’s the real deal.  Like….block your calories with happiness type of deal.  Yeah.  Gout and diabetes HERE I COME.

And to depart, here is an image of Chris Brown at the World Cup this year:

Way to let us all down, Chris Brown.  Viva Rihanna.

Way to let us all down, Chris Brown. Viva Rihanna.

Ha.  Dorkus.  I bet he’d come in and ask for “Brie cheese, manchengo, and cotswold.”  HA.  Cheese jokes are always so f’ing funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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