Cheesepinions, Round #8

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 12, 2010, 5pm


Here marks the beginning of the end…

…of Spring time goats milk cheeses.  (GOTCHA!  I bet you thought I was going to say something about the end of the blog.  Ha!  Never.  This blog will NEVER DIE.  Just like Elizabeth Taylor.  Or Terminator…)

Anyways – I again apologize for the lag in blogging!  I am a busy little cheesy bee, running around and trying to get things done.  But, I am back for another round of everyone’s most favorite installment: CHEESEPINIONS. (And the crowd goes WILD.)

So this week Dani has got some things to say.  Even though he is in Europe right now, raging with the best of them in Barcelona and Holland, he shall be heard across the pond – right here in Brooklyn.

April is a special month for cheese.  After spending the winter months sitting inside and doing nothing but eating and getting all fat and pregnant, goats and sheep all over the world start popping out babies like Octomom.  As a result, they start producing the most delicious, nutrient rich, and decadent cheese of the entire year. (Gotta keep those babies all fat and happy, you know…)  As a result, goat cheeses in the spring time are SICK.  And I don’t mean sick in that pukey, I-ate-too-many-taquitos, kind of way.  Sick as in good.  So f’ing good.  But, come mid-May, all the babies are born, and we move onto tangier goat cheese pastures.

One of the last cheeses we are going to get from this goat baby mania is the delicious French blob – Chevrot.

Ok, so its more of a drum...shapes arent my thing.

Ok, so it's more of a drum...shapes aren't my "thing."

Dani is going crazy over these little midgets. (That’s right. MIDGETS.)  Dani is super excited for spring and summer and is ready to crack out his booty shorts while eating goat cheese.  These cheeses taste like grass and fresh milk and call for summer picnics and ridiculous BBQ’s.

This may or may not be an accurate portrayal of my birthday BBQ this year.

This may or may not be an accurate portrayal of my birthday BBQ this year.

With this simple yet delicious round disc, Dani would pair it with some honey and a chilled Riesling.  Aww…sweet.  These goat milk cheeses tend to be super tangy and pair great with the sweet flavors of honey.  (Kind of like Sour Patch Kids…except only the red ones because all the others are so gross.)  He would eat all this with a Reisling.  Mainly because it gets you drunk, but the sweetness of a wine would create the perfect end to a romantic spring picnic for two.  Talk about sweet finishes…

Anyways.  That’s all from me.  Yes.  So…..any ideas for blog posts?  Recipes?  More interviews?  Does anyone have any questions about cheese I can answer?  And I know people are reading this blog – I use Google Analytics and I know what cities you are in and how long you stay on the blog for.  So…..just humor me and talk to me.  Via the internet.  Ok…it just got creepy.

This has nothing to do with cheese, but look at this cat!

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