Cheesepinions, Round #7

ChrisatBedfordCheese / April 14, 2010, 4pm

Yes, amigos.  ‘Tis that time again, where I share the secrets of the inner workings of the Bedford Cheese Shop cheesemongers.  So dark and twisted and full of dairy products.

This week, I present to you Dylan, one of our newest hires, who hails from the sunny state of Colorado (is it sunny there?  I’m actually not really sure.  I’m pretty positive he’s from outside Aspen?  Which leads me to believe it’s mostly sunny.  Because that sure does sound tropical.  ASPEN.  Like Aruba.  Or Des Moines.) and is pretty new to the cheese biz.  But, like the rest of us, he already has opinions about what products he wants to put all over his tastebuds.

This time around, Dylan presented me with a two part Cheesepinion.  One for when you are feeling fancy and one for when you’re feeling down on your financial luck.  How considerate, dear sir.  His first pick this week is Stanser Schafkase, a lovely sheep’s milk cheese from east central Switzerland.  It’s kind of grassy, herby, and spicy and doesn’t pack too much of the stinky barnyard pungency of other soft sheep cheeses.  Dylan thinks that this guy is a “phenomenally complex, soft slice of sheepy goodness that leaves you wondering what the next taste will reveal.”  How “Labyrinth” of you, Dylan.

Dance Magic Dance.

Dance Magic Dance.

And to make your picnic complete?  “I would enjoy this guy with a Cote de Rhone and a Creminelli Picante salami to really stimulate those taste buddies.”  You go boy with your spicy self.

Well that’s all this week.  Oh wait.  JUST KIDDING.  Totally jk’ing here, folks.  Dylan has a SECOND cheesepinion to throw out there this week.  This is the Blue Light Special edition, where Dylan breaks it down for those of us who like a bargain.  Dylan is also really pumped about Leonora, a Spanish goat’s milk from the rambling hills outside of Madrid.  It’s cakey, lemony, and grassy.  With a gooey edge (like me).  Dylan loves this goat’s milk treat because it’s like licking a sweaty, stanky goat, with a hint of lemon.  And to finish your goat picnic: “I would probably just grab a baguette and a 6 pack of Pabst with this because in reality this is all I could really afford.”  Yessssssssssssssss.  Honesty is totally the best policy, Dylan.  I love when you break it down for LA GENTE.  Besides, would Dylan ever lie to you?

Is this pony named Honesty?

Is this pony named Honesty?

Ok.  So for reals this is the end of the blog today.  I promise.  But I’m working on something really super cool about THERMALIZED MILK.  Yeah.  So cool, y’all!  Or is it?  I dunno – you’ll have to wait to see what I say.  Ok!

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