Cheesepinions, Round #4

ChrisatBedfordCheese / March 18, 2010, 5pm

So this week I’m going to start by admitting to something decidedly embarrassing.  I spent about five minutes before I began writing anything down trying to figure out if I could somehow incorporate the lyrics from the Backstreet Boys song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” into this opening line.  The only real thing I could come up with was “Cheese Blog’s Back!”  But, I didn’t think that everyone would get the reference.  And then I decided it was a pretty dumb reference that probably doesn’t appeal to anyone but 12 year old girls from 1999 (which is pretty much how my brain works.  Hello, Lisa Frank!). So, maybe just play that song in the background or watch this video on Youtube or something so that you can try to imagine the state of mind I was in upon trying to get this post in motion…

This week, we are getting cheese advice from our very own Mike.  Mike took a very serious approach to Cheesepinions and had to go home and mull over his decisions.  Upon his return he presented me with a piece of paper that was incredibly organized and detailed and I think that the best thing to do would be to copy down exactly what he wrote (also partially because I’m a little unclear as to what he is referencing to at points…but hey, gotta roll with the punches…).  So here we go. “Cheesepinions” direct from Mike’s mouth.

1.)    Doe’s Leap Trappist.  Tastes like yummy sweet grass.  Has a fresh snappy taste – umami.  (**Editor’s note: I had to look this word up and I basically figured out that it mean’s “savoriness.”  And it the idea behind MSG.  Cool.**) And it’s American!  Eat it with a white Touraine and cornbread made with goat butter, bacon grease, sage, and no sugar.

2.)    Battenkill Brebis.  So many different flavors and nuances in a nice balance.  Potatoes and earth, hay, berries, flowers.  And it’s American!  Eat it with a red from Languedoc, after a Navajo Taco.

3.)    Pleasant Ridge Reserve.  Like jumping in the deep end of cheese flavor.  Big taste!  Reminds me of chocolate cake with raspberry filling…that got dropped in the mud maybe.  And it’s American!  Eat it with an Ommegang Rare Vos, or cook into some mac and cheese with a meltier cheese partner.

Well, there you have it.  The specifically Patriotic choices of Mike.  I am also curious about this “Navajo Taco.”  What exactly is that?  Tortilla + Dream Catcher +See Your Animal Spirit Guide or something?  It sounds like a great drug or some sort of really dirty sex toy.  Whatever it is…I want one. (I’m now being informed that it’s a sort of fried bread tortilla topped with mutton and assorted toppings.  Sounds good, but I’ll still take one Navajo Taco between the sheets.)

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