Cheesepinions, Round #11

ChrisatBedfordCheese / November 11, 2010, 5pm

So we’ve tried some different things since mid-summer.  We’ve talked about grocery items.  We’ve talked about fondue.  We’ve talked about designer cats dressed up as apples that are EATING apples.  We’ve covered it all.  But sometimes, when late early winter is upon us, we realize that we have to get back to our roots.  Where did we come from?  How did it all begin?  Well, if you are a loyal reader of the blog, you’ll know that this all started with a little feature I like to call….CHEESEPINIONS.  And we have a lot of cheese right now.  I mean…Jesus, it’s kind of overwhelming.  (And don’t even get me started on our butter selection. We have so much butter right now it kind of makes me want to run around the store announcing it in an Oprah voice to get people all riled up over it…) So I thought I’d do what I do best: irritate my coworkers long enough for them to tell me about their favorite cheeses of the moment.  Precious.

As precious as this baby bobcat?!?!? Also, not as delicious.

So we are going to hop right back into things with the thoughts of a one DYLAN D. HIESTER. Hooray! This week Dylan picked the delightful Swiss cheese -Senne Flada. It is a decadent, spreadable, unpasteurized washed rind cheese from the Alps. It’s rich and buttery with a slight stinky finish.

Were so cool.

We're so cool.

Here is what Dylan had to say about why he chose Senne Flada for this season’s cheesepinion:
“Welp, it’s starting to get cold and there is really nothing better than a rich, creamy, ever-so-slightly barnyardy thing to share with the loved ones. This cheese has been so tasty lately that I haven’t even cared about stuffing my face with rich, thick, buttery goo in the heat, and now that it’s cooling down I don’t know how I’m going to stop myself. The thing about it is its delicate blend of butter/barnyard/sweet flavors balancing a rich, smooth cheese. This cheese is probably the reason drinking by the hearth became popular.”

In case you didn’t realize, Dylan is somewhat of a prose fan.

Then, when I asked him what he would pair with this, he gave me another epic answer. He’s really good at cheesepinions:
“I would really go two ways with this. I would find some kind of exciting Jura red to test the flavors of the Senne Flada playfully like two bitters scurrying about my room. Or I might consider going for some kind of beer. This cheese is a beer lover and while a nice, heavy winter ale might put you in a happy coma, you could just crack off a 40 oz of Ballantine’s Tres Equis (that’s just what I call it ’cause it has 3 x’s) and revel in the juxtaposition of class and crass.”

Ballantine is actually a really delicious, inexpensive beer!

Look at that! So thorough! Dylan makes my job so much easier while also informing the masses. Grrrooooovy! So get ready for more cheesepinions, because I have them stockpiled for your blogging pleasure. Peace out home slices! Until next time…

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