Cheesepinions, Round #10

ChrisatBedfordCheese / July 7, 2010, 4pm


Two blog posts in one week!?  What?  That’s like.  Crazy people talk!

Well guess what.  You can finally rest at ease because I feel like blogging TWICE this week.  And it’s more cheesepinions.  Awwwwww yeahhhhhh sonnnnnnn.

New York is ungodly hot right now.  Yesterday, it got up to 108. (Well…by the Target at Atlantic Center.  But things are always a tad sPicIer over there…)  So there isn’t a whole lot of cheesin’ going on.  But, hopefully when things cool down we can go to farms and play with farm animals and take lots of pretty photos.

But until then you’ll just have to take our favorite farm animal: Dylan.  And he’s got a couple things to say about sheep.

This week, Dylan is so into Pecorino di Parco.

Pecorino di Parco CLONES.

Pecorino di Parco CLONES.

“This is the perfect young pecorino.  With an amazing balance of slightly sour, tangy flavor and a slightly dry and airy texture, this is an excellent pressed cheese for the summer.  Plus the two dudes from Jersey whose family own the farm in Abruzzo, where this cheese comes from, are just about the most delightful people you can hope to meet.  Great cheese.  Great people.  Perfect.”  Dylan!  I didn’t even have to edit this at all.  I just copied and pasted because even though Dylan may smell like a goat, he has the brain of a human boy.  A real human boy.

Here is where Abruzzo is!  Its so pretty and mountainous and has like 12 people in it.  Sheep cheese heaven!!!!!

Here is where Abruzzo is! It's so pretty and mountainous and has like 12 people in it. Sheep cheese heaven!!!!!

To pair with this cheese, Dylan would pick up some of the Marcelli Formaggi Miele di Tiglio (Lime Flower Honey – arguably the best honey I’ve ever had.  Literally.) to spread on a crusty baguette.  Perhaps from Il Forno bakery in the Bronx?  Grab a moussamousettes (this totally awesome small production sparkling field blend rose for the Loire in FRAAAAHNCE made by a husband and wife team.  Rene and Agnes Mosse.  Cute.  I wonder if these guys know that they are making wine that is specifically designed to get you laid.)  You can buy this little gem at our favorite neighborhood wine shop Uva!  And guess what?  You put all these things together and yer bout ta have a good time.

Can you guys tell that I just learned how to insert hyperlinks?  Because I’m real excited about it.

Oh snap!  Dylan!  All this time we thought you were going through the motions but it turns out you be a real CHEESEMONGERRRRRRRRRRRR.  Way to be.  We love you.  Hooray.  Too much ice tea.

Ok, that’s all!  And since things are slowing down for summer time, expect some totally fun blog posts!  Hooray!


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