Cheese Plate Essentials – An Intro Class

jessica / May 24, 2012, 4pm

We want everyone to be comfortable coming into our store and buying some of the best cheesey products they have ever had.

Come Join Us on Monday, June 4, from 7-8pm, as we demystify the cheese plate and get you on the road to becoming a cheese aficionado.

From Left to Right: Tourmalet (Raw French Sheep), Bauma Madurat Barra (Spanish Goat), Brie de Nangis (French Cow), Hudson Red (Raw New York Cow), Keen’s Cheddar (Raw English Cow), Shropshire Blue (English Cow)

What is Essential to know about Cheese?

 Our well versed cheese mongers will lead you through an introduction into the history and process of cheese making.  We will explore how different regional methods  have produced cheeses with different flavor profiles.  We will touch base on how to pair these different styles of cheese with wine, beer, and a variety of condiments.

Cheese Styles, Regional Knowledge,  A “taste of place”

 When is a cheese truly at its peak?   When a cheese is at its peak, it has reached its full flavor and texture potential. Dependent on the cheese variety, the region, and the moisture content of the cheese body, we discover that there are a multitude of factors that make a cheese’s character.

We will then dissect the notion of taste of place/terroir as related to cheese and the cheese making process.   The taste of place/terroir formula will be explored in both tactile and esoteric ways in our class discussion.

The terroir/taste of place  formula = Air + Animals + Land + Chemistry + Artistry


Cheese’s characteristics make it ideal for pairing with a vast array of condiments and beverages.  The nuance in the flavor and texture of each individual cheese, makes finding that perfect condiment a gratifying, palate satiating  journey.

In our class, we will breakdown a cheese plate building experience into straightforward tips.


Arranging the cheese plate makes the tasting experience something memorable.  It brings all of the above elements into a level of enjoyment that can only be had when cheese, condiments, and beverages do a dance in your mouth.  Sequencing your cheese plate and making sure you have refreshing palate cleansers along the way increases the chance to reach tasty cheese enlightenment.

For our evening class, we will be using New York Heartwoods hand-crafted dark cherry wooden cheese boards.  Located in Southern New York State, Heartwoods sustainably harvests their material and makes an incredibly beautiful, rustic product line.

Our tasting menu varies for this class depending on the season, availability, and the spontaneous inspiration of the Cheese Monger leading the class.

Sign up for the class today! Only 20 seats total.


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