Guess Who’s Back

bedfordcheeseshop / July 30, 2013, 6pm

2013 has been a big year for us at the BCS! For starters, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our Manhattan location. Gramercy, a quaint nook located just blocks from the Union Square Green Market, has been such a welcoming neighborhood to us. We opened our doors and wheels to our neighbors and friends to celebrate our paper anniversary. Prizes and goodies were auctioned off to support the Daphne Zeppo’s cheese scholarship program and our friends at Allswell provided some stellar nosh to accompany the cheese, wine and Brooklyn Brewery spirits that were flowin’. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the first of many milestones for our baby brother, Bedford.


The Fancy Food show rolled into our neck of the woods and made being an over eating food-snob encouraged and accepted for three sweet days. Friends and fellow food enthusiasts stopped by to share in the good word of cheese. Essex St. Cheese CO. rolled through with a star studded cheese panel and hosted a cheese class by producers for patrons. Bridges being built between consumers and producers is always a beautiful sight to see. The Cheesemonger Invitational followed giving us cheese enthusiasts a venue to curd out in. It’s a guaranteed good time and this year our very own, Kris Garrand placed in the top 10. Congrats to Justin Trosclair of the St. James Cheese Shop for taking home the gold and for being a part of the party that is, CMI.


Now that the dust has settled and we are in the calm clammy heat-wave after the storm, we are ecstatic to announce a revival of the Bedford Cheese Shop blog. Make sure to check back here daily for captivating rants from us to you about our favorite fermented foods and for information about new products, classes and events happening at the shop. Our cheesemongers are on board to deliver diverse and interesting posts catering to the food lovers in us all. And remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND Vine for live updates on all things cheese.


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Mast Brothers Chocolate and Bedford Cheese Shop

jessica / September 4, 2012, 12pm

For those of you who don’t  know our Williamsburg  neighbors in chocolate, they are a company after our own hearts.  In-house at Mast Brothers Chocolate, the team roasts, ferments and heats their dark chocolate into a vast variety of flavors and textures.  We had the grand idea of making a soft-ripened goat cheese, fusing their smoky Papua New Guinea cacao bean with our full-bodied, citrusy Belgian St. Maure.  The result after aging for ten days was a firmer, more nuanced, full-bodied St. Maure cheese, perfect for a spinach salad with candied walnuts, dried cherries, and a sherry vinaigrette.  How can one get their hands on one of these delectable, neighborly delights?  At the moment, they are only featured in our collaborative classroom environment, The Homestead.

Photo Montage of the Cheese Chocolate


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Blue Bottle Coffee Pour Over

jessica / June 6, 2012, 12pm

Blue Bottle Coffee is our Williamsburg neighborhood coffee roastery.  We are blessed to have their expertise brought into our new space, The Homestead.  They will demystify the process of Pour Over Coffee Preparation!


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Wine Pairing 101

jessica / June 1, 2012, 9pm

Come Join Us on June 8, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Wine is cheese’s classic beverage pairing.  Discover a fine selection of our cheeses through an exploration of wine.  You will sip on whites, reds, rosés, champagne-styles, and dessert wines while learning about the basics of these productions, origins, and their best suited cheesey counterparts. Taught by one of our very own rockstar cheese mongers, Steph.

Price: $75

 Venue: The Homestead @ Bedford Cheese Shop IRVING

67 Irving Place NY NY 10003


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Whiskey, Cheese, and Pickle POP UP EVENT!!

jessica / June 1, 2012, 2pm

Bedford Cheese Shop and Post Office Restaurant: A Bond Beyond Cheese

Our Wholesale Cheese Manager at Bedford Cheese Shop, Stephanie Bealert, will be collaborating with our long time client, Post Office Restaurant, for this one of a kind event of whiskey, cheese, and pickle pairing.  Stephanie has worked with food since the age of 12 when she was adopted by her grandparents. She was raised by nurserymen, florists, and organic farmers who nurtured her craft and passion of  producing food and feeding people with love. Gardening throughout her lifetime, Steph has worked as a baker, a cook and since 2004, with her two true loves, cheese and wine.  Her thoughts on Post Office Restaurant:  ”Bedford Cheese Shop has had a lovely, community driven relationship with Post Office for the past year. Alla Lapushchik, the owner of Post Office, and head chef Sammy Glin, have brought a wonderfully curated venue of comfort food and whiskeys to one of the best corners of South Williamsburg. We can always count on Sammy to be the most enthusiastic and charming chef in the neighborhood, with his talent for pickles, chicken liver sandwiches and all out friendliness.”


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Classic British Isles Cheese Class and Interview

jessica / May 29, 2012, 3pm

It is a rare moment when we can say that we have brought the British Isles to America.  There will be a lucky group of us that will share this moment on Tuesday, June 5, from 7-8pm, in our new classroom space, The Homestead.  British cheese importers, Lillian Wilkie and Chris George, will be on the platform, getting up to their elbows in the curd, as a cheese maker would say.  They have both worked for Neal’s Yard Dairy, the most reputable British cheese distributor in the world.  British Isles cheese texture varies from soft to hard and everything in between. You will taste washed rinds, natural rinds, and cloth bound rinds.  These British classics will remain timeless.

Want to get a taste of  a life devoted to British Cheese Makers?  Lillian and Chris give their thoughtful answers to the burgeoning demand.


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Cheese Plate Essentials – An Intro Class

jessica / May 24, 2012, 4pm

We want everyone to be comfortable coming into our store and buying some of the best cheesey products they have ever had.

Come Join Us on Monday, June 4, from 7-8pm, as we demystify the cheese plate and get you on the road to becoming a cheese aficionado.

From Left to Right: Tourmalet (Raw French Sheep), Bauma Madurat Barra (Spanish Goat), Brie de Nangis (French Cow), Hudson Red (Raw New York Cow), Keen’s Cheddar (Raw English Cow), Shropshire Blue (English Cow)


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Cheesemonger Invitational Cocktail Party!

ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 18, 2012, 3pm


So, many things have been happening.  We are less than a month away from having two locations!  So exciting!  (If confused about what I’m talking about, please see here for my public & extremely popular blog-based panic attack on the topic…) Expect to get a full photo tour and description and the works soon!  We are moving to a great location on Irving Place, right near Gramercy Park, and we expect to see you there.

And, it’s only a month away until the world famous CHEESEMONGER INVITATIONAL!!!!  GAHHHHH.  GET SO EXCITED.  The past two years yours truly, Christopher Hanawalt, has competed.  But this year, I’ve decided to hand over the reigns of the anxiety-sweats-and-blackout-drunk cheese chariot to our favorite curly headed jerk, Dylan Heister!  Hooray!  Round of applause!  The crowd goes wild!

And on that note.  I would like to announce, very formally, that the Bedford Cheese Shop is the official cocktail party sponsor of the Cheesemonger Invitational 2012!  WOOHOOO!   YESSSSSSSSS FINNNNNAAALLLLLYYYYYY!  Here are the details, approved by the one and only Adam Moskowitz himself:

2012 Cheesemonger Invitational Cocktail Party Invitational

67 Irving Place (between 18th and 19th)

Friday, June 22nd.

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Attire –> Las Vegas hooker chic

$10 at the door for beer, wine and fun times!  The first 75 people who RSVP will get a SPECIAL COOL PEOPLE discount and will only have to pay $7!  Yes!  RSVP to

Curious what will be in store for you at the 2012 Cheesemonger Invitational Cocktail Party Invitational?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Your arrival at the party will include:

Delicious & imaginative party snacks!


Helpful staff!

Intriguing party guests!

Cool swag!

Dog pirates not guaranteed.

Shake weights and possible celebrity guest appearances!

Breathtaking and unusual flower arrangements!


R.I.P. My goddess.

And all around good times!

So send an e-mail to to RSVP today!  Thanks y’all!

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Nate / April 28, 2012, 4pm

Spring is in the air. You can feel it deep in your sinus cavities, no?  Mmmmm, pollens, grasses, and insects! Grasses. Let’s think about that. Grass. Cannabis. Hops!  Hops, folks, let’s talk about hops.  They’re all fluffy and full of alpha acids that add aroma and bitterness to that delicious glass of beer you have in your little paws. And what better way to get down with the hop than by drinking copious amounts of IPA?

IPAs can be notoriously difficult to pair with cheese- they can absolutely destroy your palate with bitter-y goodness, making the nuances of more delicate cheeses (or, sometimes, anything else) difficult to discover. Heartier, bolder, roughneck cheese is what we’re gonna have to find here. Or is it? Let’s hop to it…

hop…to it? har har…

Keep on readin’…

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Cheese sandwiches, please.

ChrisatBedfordCheese / April 12, 2012, 11pm

So, sometimes, work gets really hectic.  You are sitting there, hanging out at the Cheese Shop, minding your business, maybe fiddling with some raclette, when out of nowhere, SOMEBODY decides that they can’t just have one cheese store.  Oh no.  There must be two.  And, understandably so, the second one has to be bigger and better than the first.  Which throws everything into pandemonium and soon you find yourself at brunch meetings and afternoon coffee meetings and meetings over takeout and walking through construction sites, avoiding flying woodchips and large sheets of metal and then waking up in bed with all your clothes on and the lights on blast and your Facebook is open to somebody’s profile that you only made out with that one time but insist on following their every online move and your iTunes has moved into extensive “The Essential Hall & Oates,” which has been giving you 80′s inspired anxiety dreams….

Out of nowhere I suddenly know every word to "Kiss On My List," and then I wake up gasping for air...

Keep on readin’…

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