And we’re back!

ChrisatBedfordCheese / February 16, 2010, 1pm

Oh. Hello there.

Welcome back, friends, to the dawning of a new Bedford Cheese Shop blog era!  We are sorry that we left you, high and dry, in the cheesy woods for a year, but guess what.  WE ARE BACK.  Oh yeah…

We have been coming up with new and exciting ways to get out our fromage knowledge into the Blogosphere and will be debuting one below!  We thought that you guys would want to know more about farmers, farms, and what we think – the Bedford Cheese Shop cheesemongers – about our products.  So today, we unveil our first installment of “Cheesepinions.”

Here, you will find the thoughts of one of our cheesemongers about the products we stare at and lovingly handle all day, every day.  So let’s get started with one of our star employees, Dani.

Keep on readin’…

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