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ChrisatBedfordCheese / January 13, 2012, 7pm


Come closer, my dears.  I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time, but I’m back and I’m ready to talk.  Ring ting a ling!  It’s 2012!  It’s a year of great, mystifying, exciting things that are sure to tantalize and amaze and I am officially here, ready to report back to you.

So I’ve been absent since June 2011.  Eh – it’s good to take a break every now and then.  You come back to things you haven’t been able to focus on and learn to relove projects that you’ve neglected.  It’s like sending your kids to summer camp…But what good stuff really happened in the past few months.  Nothing really (just this, this, we all got into this, and everybody snickered about this. If you need a reminder of anything else that happened, see here or here.)  What else.  There was the Second Cheesemonger Invitational.  There was the reinvention of the Bedford Cheese Shop website.  And then there were the holidays – which is a mental dead zone for cheesemongers anyways…

So, a lot has happened, I apologize for the delay, but guess what!  It’s the New Year!  We can forget about the past and look forward to the future!  Finally.  I’ve been waiting since last January…

Alright.  After that intro. What’re we going to talk about. Well. It’s January. It’s sort of cold outside. I just spent two months trying to see how well I could handle a meat slicer with mild forms of alcohol poisoning as well as actually trying to figure out how to unhinge my jaw to facilitate easier french fry + candy consumption. It’s time…for…RESOLUTIONS. Let the guilt wash over you…

Yeah, this guy definitely did some crazy shit on New Years...

THAT’S RIGHT. We allllllll know it. It’s that time of year where we all try to live life a little simpler, cleaner, quieter, and more focused. We join a gym. Turn off the TV. Come home from work every day to a tall glass of tepid water and a big hefty piece of non-fiction and believe that we are living our 2012 lives to the fullest. But guess what. Cheese definitely worms it’s way into this scheme, and not just because I write a blog for a store that basis its livelihood on the stuff. No! As I know dozens of you out there are shoveling a bite of skinless, boneless chicken breast on top of a bed of dry arugula into your mouth, you should realize that cheese is the only thing that’s going to make this winter “diet” tolerable. So let’s discuss options.

Ok. It’s January in New York. Sure. You can get anything you want here, any time you want it. But the streets aren’t abounding with fresh fruits and vegetables. At the Farmer’s Market you are stuck with apples, potatoes, and the occasional parsnip (which according to the front page of NY Mag are making this years biggest comeback?) Your body naturally wants a little dairy to go along with all this, and luckily, do we have some suggestions for you.

Mmmmm. Bitter greens.

1.) Kale + Pecorino. Let’s get everything on the inside, moving outwards. If you are going to “cleanse,” let’s at least do it right. So you take your greens. Then you take your wedge of pecorino. Then you take a potato peeler, and you make great big luxurious curls of pecorino to nestle on top of your salad JUST SO. It’s salty, nutty, sharp, and makes you eat a whole lot more of that kale that’s sitting on your plate.

2.) Salmon + Goat Cheese. Hey guys! Newsflash! NO ONE LIKE SALMON. It’s not good. The only time anyone eats salmon is when they are on a diet and feel like they need to go easy on something? But then you get it and it’s smothered in some sort of sauce and then on top of a whole bunch of brown rice. Why? SO THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TASTE THE SALMON.  Ugh.  God.  Have you ever been to Connecticut?  Don’t.  You’ll leave ravenous and have to stop at a drive through Burger King to get a Whopper and Frostie, and it’s because the entire time in CT you were forced to eat SALMON.  But white wine DOES flow very, very freely.  So.  Pro?  Con.  It’s all up for debate.  Anyways, since that’s the case, I feel that the best thing you can do for yourself is get your salmon and somehow incorporate some of the delicious goat cheeses we currently have into whatever you are eating. Crumble it on top. Smear it on the bottom. Just do something. From Spain, we have several lovely options. The spicy Montenebro. The goaty and citrusy Bauxa Bauma Barra. Or for something domestic, Westfield Chevre from Massachusetts is lovely! But for god sakes, stop trying to trick yourself into thinking that getting your vitamins is worth eating plain salmon, because you’ll honestly be so much happier adding goat cheese.

3.) Squash + Pyrenees Sheep’s Milk Cheese. You know, squash gets a really bad rap. “Oh I don’t like squash. It’s so boring. You see it everywhere. It’s such a throw away.” Well. A.) False and B.) Why not try to jazz up your every day winter squash with some cheese! Try a roasted squash with a light sprinkling of a grassy, nutty, herbal, slightly buttery sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrenees such as Ossau Iraty, Abbaye de Belloc, or Tourmalet! Soon, your complaining frown will be turned upside down into a much thinner and happier smile! The buttery, rich cheese will provide a delicious pair to the earthy sweetness of a roasted squash.  You could probably eat it with your winter salmon…Praise Jesus for resolutions!

I need more Garfield in my life.

4.) Just practice a little self control. Alright people. Let’s break it down. Cheese, in moderation, especially when choosing a delicious, all-natural, farmstead option, isn’t actually all that terrible for you. People have been doing it forever, and it’s what your body needs right now. Try a wee nibble of Rupert, a delicious Alpine style cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. The dairy will probably keep you warmer and might give you more energy than your wheatberry sampler was providing.  Or perhaps a tiny little crumble of Stichelton or Cashel Blue on your measly salad to kick your day into overdrive. Imagine the strong, fat burning bones that this cheese will be reinforcing!  Or maybe. Just maybe. A small little wedge of something stinky and glorious alongside your steamed broccoli and snowpeas to make it all seem a little more worth while. Maybe the buttery and pungent Fleur D’Aunis? Just perhaps. If you eat a little, I promise not to tell.  Plus, as soon as May comes around, you’ll forget all about the gym and go straight into Rum Punch mode anyways.  But I guess a little self-improvement is good every now and then…

Well there you have it. Some New Years Resolution suggestions, Bedford Cheese Shop style.

Until next time, pals! (Which, believe it or not, will be before January 2013!!!! LOLZ!)

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