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ChrisatBedfordCheese / May 11, 2011, 4pm

Hey y’all!

Have you been outside recently!? It’s pretty perfect outside in the great borough of Brooklyn these days. Breezy, sunny, full of good vibes, and usually over caffeinated! Yesssss. So what did I decide to do when it’s 75 and sunny outside?

Go to the Farmer’s Market and buy seasonal produce to create a fresh, seasonal feast for all my friends and family? No!

Privately read the next installment in the Twilight series by the water so that I can openly weep and think about the lonely life of a vampire while ignoring the smell of garbage and staring at the Manhattan skyline? No way, totally boring!

Think about going on a picnic and decided to sit in a coffee shop and command y’all to go for me?! YESSSSSS.

Totally my life.  In France. In the 19th century.  Except Id probably bring my cat along with me...

Totally my life. In France. In the 19th century. Except I'd probably bring my cat along with me...

Guys, it’s totally picnic season. Weather is perfect. You can actually find things at the farmer’s market apart from potatoes and squishy apples! Fresh, small format goat cheeses are at their peak. Everyone is ditching their winter significant other for someone younger, skinner, and better looking. And I put on a pretty sheer t-shirt to go on a bike ride today. It’s that part of spring where it stops raining, the sun comes out, and no one has cleared out to the beach yet.

So I’m here to instruct you on how to plan a great, casual, delicious, and kind of impromptu picnic! Hooray!

Step 1.) Gather a basket, or large tote bag, or portable cardboard box. Put any sort of plates or cups that you think you need and try to find that retro pocket knife you got when you were a boyscout 14 years ago. Remember, utilitarian chic is super in style, so don’t be ashamed that your knife is totally dull and covered in rust and is probably going to give you lockjaw. You’ll look super cool. Trust me.

Step 2.) Don’t forget a blanket! And sunglasses help. And hats. Preferably multiple hats that you can change into depending on your mood.

Step 3.) So for my picnics, I prefer finger foods. Who wants to mess with salad forks and soup spoons in the park? Not me. Go for things that can be eaten with your hands! So you know that cold mac and cheese that you drowned in truffle oil you were going to bring? Save it for later, because no one wants that.

No one wants your spaghetti carbonara either.  Im trying to fit into a speedo later this month anyways.

No one wants your spaghetti carbonara either. I'm trying to fit into a speedo later this month anyways.

Step 4.) Get everything you need at the Bedford Cheese Shop! Such a great idea! Right now, if I was going on a picnic AT THIS VERY INSTANT. Here is what I would get.
- A jar of Strawberry Balsamic Jam from Anarchy In A Jar
- A slice of pheasant and fig pate (A lighter, fowl based, country style thing), made by Fabrique Delice in Northern California.
- A bottle of Vichy Catalan, a slightly bubbly, Spanish mineral water. It’s got that mineral, salty flavor and is great for hangovers! And let’s face it! In this weather you are probably hung over anyways, so drink some bougie water already to help yourself out!

So waterrrrrryyyyy.

So waterrrrrryyyyy.

- An Amy’s Baguette. Or perhaps an Amy’s Rustic Italian Mini!
- Let’s get serious about the cheese. Ok. So I would probably get two. GOAT FOR SURE. Yes. Something in a small format so that you can just carry it around with you, unwrap it, and provide easy clean up for yourself. Who needs wedges when you have cheese in the shape of logs and bells and drums and circles? NOT THIS GUY! So I would probably walk up to the cheese counter and pick out whatever looks prettiest on the top of the case. For example, Clochette (goat milk from the Loire Valley. Bell shaped!), Lingot de Quercy (also from the Loire Valley. Shaped like a brick!), or perhaps Acapella (a small, ashed goat round from Andante Dairy in Petaluma!). So many options! All so good.
And then, for my second I would probably choose Tomme Brebis Chevre. This Pyrenees style goat and sheep blend is mellow, flowery, tangy, and so easy to nibble on as your luxuriate in a field somewhere between the BQE and South Williamsburg. Luxurrrryyyy.
- Finally, I would definitely pick up a chocolate bar. These days I have been dreaming of the Bond Street milk chocolate bars that are filled with salted corn nuts. Creamy and smooth with just a little crunch. Or, if you’re a dark chocolate type, I would probably pick up the Zoe’s Chocolate Bar that is topped with Honey Roasted Peanuts. Because hey…you deserve a little something special, now don’t you?

Step 5.) FIND YOUR PICNIC SPOT! They are everywhere. Stoops, parks, your living room floor, your neighbor’s roof that you snuck onto via a fire escape (the element of danger really changes the dynamic of the picnic…not that that’s a bad thing). I recommend being able to see a body of water, or being in a meadow. I would avoid the following: athletic tracks, baby’s birthdays, or French Bulldog meetups (they look so cute all together but then you realize that you then have to watch the owners be so neurotic about their stupid designer dogs…).

And that’s it! Pretty easy right! Now go out, grab the hand of your closest love one, and take advantage of pre-humidity, sunny East Coast weather! G’on now! Scoot!

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